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Enterprise Development Unit (EDU)

Enterprise Development (ED) Unit at center is responsible for creating entrepreneurial climate through its different activities including training and extension work. ED unit organizes a number of entrepreneurship development activities. Units joins hands with different agencies like industry departments of state and central governments, science and technology departments of state and central governments, other government agencies, banks, NGOs, etc. to conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACs). These are short duration activities to reach out for a larger audience who might get interested in giving entrepreneurship a try- now or after some time. Audiences are primarily students and youth.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) and Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes (ESDPs)
One of the important responsibilities of ED unit of is to organize Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) of 3 to 6 weeks duration and Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes (ESDPs) of 4 to 12 weeks duration with support from different agencies. Such EDPs and ESDP’s are targeted at different audiences like general urban youth, science and technology graduates, rural youth, women, doctors, service sector entrepreneurs, etc. Programmes are both skill based or for enterprise creation. ED Unit has its own paraphernalia to conduct these programmes at even at distant locations.

Entrepreneurship Business Review (EBR)
EBR - A Bi-annual Refereed International Journal ISSN 2229-7294, is a reflection of the research orientation of Center of ESBM, MDS University Ajmer and a commitment to move further in creating interdisciplinary research platform for researchers, policy makers, academicians and others in the field of Entrepreneurship, Small & family business management.

Biennial CESBM International conference
Center through SBRU organises Biennial CESBM International conferences ever odd numbered year. This conference aims to bring together policy makers, academics, the business community and researchers to interact and share their experiences, insights and thoughts from research and practice in the area of entrepreneurship and small business management. Till now four conferences have been organised and the fifth one is proposed in December 2016.

The 1st conference was organised during September 09-11, 2005.
The 2nd Conference was organised during October 12-14, 2007.
The 3rd Conference was organised during January 20-21, 2011.
The 4th Conference was organised during October 10-11, 2014.
The 5th Conference was organised during December 23-24, 2016.